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Central Civil Construction Florida

Central Civil Construction has completed dozens of projects for businesses and government organizations in South Florida. Central Civil capabilities include: airport construction; seaport construction; utility/infrastructure construction; environmental construction; highway construction; stadium and arena construction; commercial construction; design-build; demucking; dredging; earthwork; force mains; foundation excavation/backfill; gravity sewer; landfill construction; lift stations; playfield construction; riprap soil stabilization;sanitary sewer; site clearing; underground utility construction; value engineering; water mains.

Central Civil Construction Florida

EAA A-1 Flow Equalization — South Bay

  • Date:  December 2013 – June 2016
  • Contract Amount:  $59.9M
  • Owner:  South Florida Water Mgmt. District
  • Prime Contractor:  Central Civil Construction

Scope of work: Project highlights include an overall project area of 15,000 acres, the EAA A-1 Flow Equalization (FEB) is designed to capture and store peak stormwater flows during the wet season or heavy rainfall events. The project encompasses installation of 2.1 million Cubic Yards of fill to construct 21 miles of levee, degrading 3.1 million Cubic Yards of muck, backfilling 113 miles of agricultural canals and construction of 14 gated water control structures.

Southwest Well Fields — Miami

  • Date:  January 2007 – April 2009
  • Contract Amount:  $15.3M
  • Owner:  Miami – Dade County Water and Sewer Department
  • Prime Contractor:  Central Civil Construction

Scope of work: Project highlights included the excavation and placement of 410,000 cu.yd. of lagoon excavation and construction of 25' high berms around the lagoon excavation, final grading and sodding.

South Dade WWTP S-829, S-825, S-816, S-805 — Miami

  • Date:  February 2008 – November 2011
  • Contract Amount:  $8.1M
  • Owner:  Miami Dade County Water & Sewer
  • Prime Contractor:  Harry Pepper and Associates/Poole & Kent Company

Scope of work: Project highlights include structural excavation and earthwork, storm drainage, culverts, water and sewer, asphalt paving, curbing and walks for the complete upgrade of the South Dade WWTP facility.

South Dade Stormwater Treatment and Distribution Area — Miami

  • Date:  December 2005 – July 2006
  • Contract Amount:  $2.6M
  • Owner:  Miami County DERM
  • Prime Contractor:  Central Civil Construction

Scope of work: Project highlights include silt fencing installation and turbidity barriers. Clearing and grubbing including selective clearing of exotics in environmentally sensitive area. Filling existing ditches to enable sheet flow. Excavation of channels for storm sheet flow collection and pumping of 15,000 cu.yd. Levee construction of 20,000 cu.yd. and seashore grass planting. Intake structure and generator building construction. Sheeting and underwater tremie seal construction.

Collins Avenue Infrastructure — Miami Beach

  • Date:  April 2001 – October 2002
  • Contract Amount:  $1.6M
  • Owner:  City of Miami Beach
  • Prime Contractor:  Central Civil Construction

Scope of work: Project highlights include the construction of approximately 1,550 L.F. of water main consisting primarily of 8-inch, 12-inch, and 20-inch pipe; approximately 5,000 L.F. of 8-inch, 16-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch gravity sewer and appurtenances; and the relocation of approximately 200 L.F. of water main, Replacement of gravity sanitary sewer on Collins Avenue from 15th Street to 19th Street, 17th Street from Collins Avenue to Washington Avenue, Ocean Drive from 14th Lane to 15th Street and 15th Street from Ocean Drive to Collins Avenue. Installation of new 20" water main in Collins Avenue from 15th Street to Lincoln Road.

ORCA Water Phase 1 — Key Largo

  • Date:  May 2000 – October 2000
  • Contract Amount:  $1.1M
  • Owner:  Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority
  • Prime Contractor:  Central Civil Construction

Scope of work: Project highlights include the installation of 26,000 LF of 12" DIP water fill and return lines to treatment facility, 400+ domestic water services and tank yard piping. Including roadway restoration and landscaping.